Mystery Dancer Is Back!

Ursula Cheshire

Ursula Cheshire as a young woman

Mystery Dancer is back! The past 25 months (yes, it’s been that long since my last post!) have been a blur. In addition to my day job as a freelance health care writer, I was honored to take part in an intensive eight-week artist entrepreneur program in Nashville. Then my father became ill and passed away, and in quick succession, so did a close relative of my husband’s. For some time I was also dealing with various health issues of my own—nothing too serious, but time-consuming nonetheless. Along in there, my husband and I became vendors at a delightful vintage shop nearby, and we traveled to Venice, Italy for our 10th anniversary.

And poor Ursula got left by the wayside. Well, not too poor – we stranded her in Hawaii! I wouldn’t mind being stranded in Hawaii sometime. This is all to say that life is good and I am renewing my commitment to creative projects, including Mystery Dancer. I aim to post every Tuesday evening starting this coming week. There is lots more to the story!

Before I continue with Ursula’s visit to Hawaii in 1928, I’m going to backtrack to a trip she took with her mother, Clara, to the Grand Canyon two years earlier. Stay tuned…And be sure to subscribe to Mystery Dancer so that you can receive an e-mail announcing the latest post. If you’re new to Mystery Dancer, welcome—the best place to start is at the beginning and go from there.

One more note: You can now follow Mystery Dancer on Instagram. Woot!